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The Faculty of Science at Albaha University was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. The work in the college began in the year1427 H to contribute effectively to the growth and expansion of the higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences to meet the needs of the labor market in the governmental and private sectors. Currently, the Faculty of Science at Albaha University has advanced study programs to provide students with scientific and practical skills and knowledge with a focus on the use of modern technologies in four main departments: Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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Mathematics department


Welcome to the Mathematics Department at the College of Science at Al-Baha University. The department was established in 2006 and since then, it has been committed to providing high-quality education in mathematics and statistics.

Male and female students are served by the department with a wide range of courses offered to meet their academic needs, ultimately leading to a Bachelor's degree in general mathematics. A strong foundation in both applied and pure mathematics is provided to students. The curriculum includes a wide range of courses, such as statistics, financial mathematics, actuarial mathematics, analysis, mathematical modelling and other specialised fields.

In addition to serving students within the department, foundational mathematics and statistics courses are provided for other departments within the university. The dedicated faculty members ensure that students receive a good education and are prepared for successful careers in mathematics and related fields.

Pride is taken in graduating students equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of mathematics. Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to welcoming you to our department.

Department members



Dr. Mohammed Saleh Althubyani

 The Head of the Mathematics Department

Assistant professor of Mathematical Biology  

Email: malthobyani@bu.edu.sa





Dr. Mohammed Mousa Albuhayri

Assistant professor of Mathematical Finance  

Email: malbuhayri@bu.edu.sa





Dr. Ahmad Ali Alalyani

Associated professor of Numerical Analysis 

Email: azaher@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Salem Mubarak Alzahrani

Associated professor of Operational Research and Applied Statistics

Email: salemalzahrani@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Bader Mutair Alqurashi

Assistant professor of Differential Equation 

Email: balqurashi@bu.edu.sa








Dr.  Ali Sarrah Alessa

Assistant professor of Applied Mathematics  

Email: aalaysi@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Ismail Hamid Elsanousi

Professor of Stochastic functional analysis  

Email: ielsanousi@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Hosny Ammar Hessian Sayed

Professor of Quantum Mechanics  

Email: hasayed@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Devendra Kumar Sher Singh

Professor of Complex Analysis  

Email: dsingh@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Ahmed Hamed Abd Ellah Abd Almotagaly

Professor of Mathematical Statistics   

Email: aabdulmotajali@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Elhadi Elnour Elniel Dalam

Associated professor of Functional Analysis  

Email: adalam@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Abdelnasser Ghareeb Abdelrahman Aly

Associated professor of Topology  

Email: a.ali@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Abdelaziz Hamad Elawad

Associated professor of Mathematical Modelling  

Email: aalfadhl@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed El-Soufi 

Assistant professor of Abstract Algebra 

Email: malghamri@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Emadeldeen Noureldaim Hamed

Assistant professor of Computation Mathematics

Email: emohammad@bu.edu.sa





Dr. Ibrahim Abdelmegeed Noaman

Assistant professor of Topology

Email: inoaman@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Ahmed Musa Ibrahim Adam

Assistant professor of Linear Functional Analysis

Email: aaadam@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Yousif Mohammed Modawy Elmahy

Assistant professor of Real Analysis

Email: yelmahy@bu.edu.sa





Dr. Ahmed Ageib Sayed Elokl

Assistant professor of Abstract Algebra

Email: aelokl@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Aishah Ibraheam Basha

The coordinator of the Mathematics Department on the female side.

Assistant professor of Linear Algebra  

Email: abasha@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Azza Muhammed Alghamdi

Assistant professor of Complex Analysis 

Email: amahmed@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Salihah Safar Alghamdi

Assistant professor of Statistics

Email: alghamdi.ss@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Faizah Aali Alomari

Assistant professor of Numerical Analysis

Email: faali@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Reemah Abdullrahman Alhothali

Assistant professor of Differential Equation

Email: ralhothali@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Reem Magboul Algethami

Assistant professor of Operation Research

Email: ralgothami@bu.edu.sa






Dr. Ohud Fahad Alghamdi

Assistant professor of Topology

Email: ofalghamdi@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Taghreed Abdulghani Alqurashi

Assistant professor of Complex Analysis 

Email: talqorashi@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Asmaa Ahmad Alzahrani

Assistant professor of Statistics  

Email: asmaalzahrani@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Kaouther Ahmed Boulehmi

Assistant professor of Partial Differential Equations

Email: kboulehmi@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Ghada Awad Elkarim

Assistant professor of Mathematical Modelling

Email: gahmed@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Ourida Ben Khalifa

Assistant professor of Complex Analysis 

Email: obenkhalifa@bu.edu.sa







Dr. Khadeeja Abaker Adam Helal

Assistant professor of Functional Analysis

Email: khilal@bu.edu.sa