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The Faculty of Science at Albaha University was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. The work in the college began in the year1427 H to contribute effectively to the growth and expansion of the higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences to meet the needs of the labor market in the governmental and private sectors. Currently, the Faculty of Science at Albaha University has advanced study programs to provide students with scientific and practical skills and knowledge with a focus on the use of modern technologies in four main departments: Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


The chemistry department offers Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program. The program provides many opportunities for careers in teaching, industry, environmental organizations and others.  In addition, it prepares students for graduate studies in chemistry and other related fields.  The study plan for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, meets the minimum requirements for professional chemists as defined by the American Chemical Society (ACS).  In tailoring the curriculum, the department was guided by the academic accreditation requirements, the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) and according to the national qualifications framework for higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the possibility of continuous improvement of curricula and study plans so as to respond to the expected changes that may occur in the world.  The study Plan is designed to contain 132 credit hours, spread over eight semesters (four years of study). Courses include the university requirements, the department general requirements and major requirements. The curriculum and the study plan meet the minimum requirements for professionals’ chemists, prepares graduates to become qualified chemistry practitioners specialists, and prepares them for success in competitive business environments.  In this program, students gain broad foundational skills in chemistry. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the foundation for postgraduate studies in all branches of chemistry and other related science 


Providing distinguished educational and research program in chemistry sciences to prepare graduates that contribute the community service through motivating academic environment and effecient use of  the resources.


  • Provide a high quality program in chemical sciences and develop it to become the main source of chemical science education in the Kingdom.
  •  Graduating qualified students in the field of chemistry according to international standards.                                                                                     
  •  Provide graduates with modern theories, and develop new skills and techniques in chemistry according to current and future needs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.                                                                                   
  •   Preparation of students for postgraduate studies and scientific research in the field of chemistry and related fields.                                   
  •   Provide students with sufficient basic academic, technical and vocational skills through which they can practice chemistry.                    
  • Enrich knowledge and contribute to scientific developments in chemical sciences through scientific research and follow-up of new discoveries in chemical sciences   


Bachelor of  Science  in Chemistry

Academic Consulting

  • Create and welcome new students on the first study day and familiarize them with the university rules and regulations.
  • Help students in choosing the appropriate specialization according to their potential, their scientific orientation and the needs of the job market.
  • Prepare a special file for each student. In addition, he explains the university rules and regulations and familiarize them with their rights, duties, and graduation requirements.
  • Preparing and guiding the student in selecting the appropriate courses according to the academic plan and achieving the best scientific outputs.
  • Assist the student in preparing the course schedule in order to complete the graduation requirements within the maximum number of years allowed.
  • Follow-up the stumbling students and help them to overcome their stumble and achieve the desired success.
  • Helping students to face the difficulties in collaboration and coordination with the departmental administration and the College and proposes appropriate solutions.
  • The academic advisor must communicate efficiently with students and listen to them. Moreover, he should involve them in planning their studies and exploitation of their experiences in order to overcome obstacles that they encountered during their studies.

The student can communicate with the academic advisor through e-mail or visiting him during office hours.

Academic Accreditation

  • In line with the university's trend towards the process of institutional and programmatic accreditation, the department is moving in the same trend.
  • A quality committee has been appointed in the department to follow the accreditation steps and implement the required for academic accreditation.
  • Awareness of the culture of academic accreditation and discussing with the members of the department and encourage them to do all that is required from them towards accreditation process.
  • Completing all forms required the academic accreditation process, and doing any tasks required for academic accreditation process.

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