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The Faculty of Science at Albaha University was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. The work in the college began in the year1427 H to contribute effectively to the growth and expansion of the higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences to meet the needs of the labor market in the governmental and private sectors. Currently, the Faculty of Science at Albaha University has advanced study programs to provide students with scientific and practical skills and knowledge with a focus on the use of modern technologies in four main departments: Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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Department of Biology

Department of Biology

About the department

The College of Science at Al Baha University was established based on the Royal Decree 9682/MB dated 5/8/1426 H, where studies began in 1427 H, in order to contribute effectively to expanding the base of higher education in the regions of the Kingdom in the fields of basic and applied sciences to meet the needs of the market. Work in the government and private sectors. In the academic year 1435/1436 H, admission to the Department of General Biology was opened.

Biological sciences are one of the most fascinating fields of study available to students in the Biology Department of the College of Science at Al Baha University. The department grants a bachelor's degree to male and female students majoring in general biology. The department established a master's program in microbiology, and studies began in the academic year 1442/1443. The department is working to create bachelor’s programs in zoology, botany, and microbiology in accordance with the decision to approve the university’s structure in the year 1445. The department is keen on the continuous development of education programs to be in line with national and international standards and to ensure the graduation of male and female students worthy of the trust of the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Biology Department includes an elite group of faculty members with a high degree of competence in teaching and scientific research, in addition to their outstanding contributions in providing many university and community services. The department is always keen to provide qualified scientific cadres of faculty members, researchers, experts and technicians specialized in scientific and technological fields to keep pace with scientific development in various fields. It also aims to encourage scientific research through research conducted by faculty members and graduate students, and to cooperate with scientific and governmental bodies and institutions and production centers to solve various industrial, environmental and societal problems related to the disciplines of biological sciences.

Department vision

Excellence and raising the academic and research level in the Biology Department to contribute in the community service.

Department Message

Providing distinguished educational and research programs in biology to prepare cadres who contribute to community service through motivating academic environment.

Department objectives

  1. Preparing qualified scientific and research cadres in biological sciences.
  2. Developing the student’s communication skills and creativity in the process of research and self-learning using modern technologies in the field of biology
  3. Raising the level of scientific research in the department and achieving excellence in conducting scientific research.
  4. Attracting distinguished cadres of faculty members to ensure the achievement of the department’s plans and goals
  5. Preparing and developing bachelor’s and master’s programs in the Biology Department in line with the labor market
  6. Developing the Biology Department’s contribution to community service.


Belonging; Mastery; Team spirit; Transparency; Diversity; Creativity; Social Responsibility.


The Department of Biology offers a Bachelor's degree program in Biology.

The Department of Biology offers a Master's program in microbiology.

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Contact us

Head of Department: Dr. Tariq Saeed Alghamdi

Email: alghamdi.ts@bu.edu.sa