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The entrepreneurship centre was established by official appointment of the chancellor (rule 38144139) on the 09/06/1438H. The university aims to achieve the goals of the 2030 vision through the centre, as well as keeping up with the Kingdom’s developmental and economic growth. Entrepreneurship, startups, medium and small enterprises are considered some of the most important parts of economic growth. These help to create job opportunities, support innovation and increase exports. They also help small and medium enterprises to contribute to the local market, spread enlightenment about entrepreneurship, and create a supportive environment for the creativity of entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprisess in order to turn ideas into products, services and startups.

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The entrepreneurship centre aspires to be the main support system for the ideas and innovations of the students of Albaha University as well as the local population in order to enhance the development of the region.


The entrepreneurship centre aims to achieve the goals of the 2030 vision through supporting both entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises, enhancing economic growth as well as contributing to innovation and creating jobs in Albaha; taking into account the unique opportunities that characterize the region.


  1. Educating about entrepreneurship.
  2. Turning creative ideas into products and services.
  3. Providing support for entrepreneurs and small/medium enterprises owners in the area.
  4. Contributing to enterprises and their development.


  1. Honesty
  2. Responsibility
  3. Transparency
  4. Quality
  5. Rewarding accomplishments
  6. Teamwork

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Directors Message

Directors Message

Directors Message


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has begun to undergo major changes across the board at a fast pace. These changes have been economical as well as social, and coincide with the Kingdom’s belief in the capabilities of its youth to keep up with and contribute to these changes.  The Kingdom itself has one of the highest percentages of youth, reaching 70% of the population; thus making them the main contributors to the local economic market. For this reason, the Kingdom has made it a priority to support its youth and help them to turn their ideas into products and services that help meet the demands of the local economic market.


    Over time is has been proven that an economy based on knowledge and experience fuels modern economies, creativity and creates jobs. This is the starting point for one of the main strategic goals in building a strong economic system that contributes to increasing local produce by 35% in keeping with the 2030 vision.


    Albaha has many economic components and investment opportunities especially in agriculture, tourism and mining. Despite its size, Albaha is considered the birth place of some of the best businessmen who have contributed to the Saudi economy over the last few decades. The launch of the 2030 vision has allotted entrepreneurship and small/medium businesses a valuable slot in the local economy, and in order for the role of these businessmen to continue the need for a center that supports entrepreneurship projects across Albaha has become a major priority and necessity.  This is where the idea of establishing the entrepreneurship center came from, and for the University of Albaha to be its sponsor as it has the resources to help it achieve its goals

Organizational Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy


Department (Unit) of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Departments (Unit)

Department (Unit) of Innovation and Entrepreneurship



First: Manager of the Administration Centre:

1. Implementing the policies and regulations of the center.

2. Follow-up the implementation of the administrative work of the units of the departments of the centre.

3. Carrying out any other tasks assigned by the Director of the centre or delegating his authority to execute them.

Second: Innovation Management:

Innovation Management works to stimulate the thinking and innovation of the segments targeted by the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, thus making the target business a combination of leadership and innovation.

1. Study the ideas presented to the centre so that innovation is one of the aspects contained in the ideas presented.

2. Communicate with the relevant departments and colleges to motivate and provide entrepreneurial ideas that the centre can embrace.

3. Work with the Programme and Events Department to provide workshops / events that stimulate innovation that can be transformed into products and services.


Third: The Accelerator:

Business Accelerators provide suitable solutions for business leaders to ensure the sustainability of their projects after they exit the Entrepreneurship Centre to the market.

1. Provide mentoring programmes for startups supported by the Entrepreneurship Centre.

2. Providing legal, financial, marketing and administrative consultancy to startup companies through guidance provided by the centre, courses or workshops.

Fourth: Startup Support Fund:

The Fund works to study the quality of all projects and ideas submitted to the Centre to determine whether to provide initial support through:

1. Evaluating projects and programmes before recommending initial support.

2. Working with the Partnership and Support Department to provide the necessary help to startups supported by the Centre.

3. Follow-up companies supported by the Fund.


Fifth: Management of Small and Medium Enterprises Services:

The role of the SME Services Department is to develop the SME sector in the Al Baha region through:

1. Study the challenges facing small and medium enterprises in Al-Baha region.

2. Communicating with those interested in developing the SME sector.


Sixth: Marketing and Media:



The Marketing and Media Department is concerned with painting the image of the Center, highlighting its efforts internally and externally and working to market companies emerging from the Centre.

1. Highlighting the efforts of the Centre.

2. Marketing startups graduating from the centre.

3. Highlighting the identity of the Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Content Management on social media sites.

4. Preparing market studies and monitoring investment and entrepreneurial trends in the Kingdom.

5. Marketing the Centre and its activities through social media.

6. Preparing periodic reports related to the activities of the Centre.

7. Supervising the Centre's publications.


Seventh: Programmess and Events:

It is concerned with making initial plans for the programmess and activities offered by the Centre.

1. Planning and organizing the activities of the Centre held inside and outside the university.

2. Following up with the responsible authorities inside and outside the university regarding hosting seminars and workshops.

3. Preparing summer programmess and courses.

4. Preparing talent refinement programmes.

5. Communicating with student clubs regarding entrepreneurship.


Eighth: Partnerships and Support

The Partnership and Support Department is concerned with cementing the relationship with private and government entities that support entrepreneurship.

1. Communicating with the entities that support entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.

2. Creating partnerships with potential partners to support entrepreneurial activities at the University and its local environment.

3. Providing the necessary financial support annually to back the start-up fund at the University.

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