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The Faculty of Science at Albaha University was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. The work in the college began in the year1427 H to contribute effectively to the growth and expansion of the higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences to meet the needs of the labor market in the governmental and private sectors. Currently, the Faculty of Science at Albaha University has advanced study programs to provide students with scientific and practical skills and knowledge with a focus on the use of modern technologies in four main departments: Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development

Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development


There is no doubt that interest in education, development and improvement has become a priority for developed countries around the world, and the Kingdom has kept pace with international trends in the quality of higher education in its establishment of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation in 1424 AH.

So, it is the authority responsible for the academic accreditation and quality assurance affairs in higher education institutions. Quality in education is intended as an approach to developing education and management in order to achieve a radical change in education systems and transfer them from the stereotype based on memorization and indoctrination to the image that depends on thinking, analysis and teamwork.

         The Vice-Deanship of the College of Science for Development and Quality at Al-Baha University, which was established on 12/16/1439 AH by a decision of His Excellency the President of the University, seeks to achieve the highest quality standards by developing academic programs and academic courses, achieving quality at the level of administrative work style and preparing the infrastructure and facilities necessary to create a distinct work environment that a faculty member , employee and student can  provide their maximum of thought and creativity.


Tasks of the Vice Dean for Development and Quality:

Devote the concept of quality and spread its culture at the college level.

• Supervising the implementation of the quality program in the college.

• Supervising the performance evaluation in the college.

• Supervising the implementation of the academic evaluation and accreditation program.

Preparing and implementing the development and strategic plans for the college.

Study the difficulties or problems facing development and quality programs and propose solutions to them.

Determining the specialized training needs of faculty members in the academic departments of the college and coordinating with the Deanship of University Development in its implementation.

Encouraging faculty members to participate in attending the courses, training programs and workshops offered by the Deanship of University Development.

• Supervising the preparation of a plan to develop the skills of the faculty members of the faculty, staff and students.

• Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the development of work in his units, according to the tasks assigned to him and the difficulties he faces.

• Follow up the development of educational facilities in the college and modernize laboratories.

• Laying down the internal system for work in the Agency for Development and Quality, the terms of reference, the general description of the duties of its employees, and the manner of coordination between its subordinate units.

• Supervising the financial affairs and covenant allocated to the agency and its programs in accordance with the bylaws and regulations.

• Supervising the implementation of the topics of development and quality referred to him.

• Implementation and follow-up of the creativity and excellence awards activities in academic, research and career performance at the college.

• Developing appropriate interim plans for the periodic review of approved quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of the academic departments and administrative units of the college

• Setting a mechanism to identify the expectations, requirements and level of satisfaction of the college’s clients (internal and external) and communicate them to all the relevant academic departments and administrative units.

• Implementing and following up the evaluation and development of the teaching performance of a faculty member, and assisting him to achieve professional and scientific excellence.

• Implementing the work assigned to him by the Dean of the College.

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