Scientific Council

Scientific Council




The Scientific Council shall supervise the scientific affairs of faculty members and research, academic studies, and publishing affairs. In particular, the council has the following tasks:

1. Recommend the appointment of faculty members at the university.

2. Deciding on the scientific promotions of the university faculty members by the rules approved by the Higher Education Council.

3. Encouraging scientific research, authoring, translation and publication.

A_ Develop rules to encourage the preparation of scientific research.

B_ Proposing the establishment of scientific research centers.

C_ Coordinate between scientific research centers and develop a general plan for them.

D_ Organizing the link with research centers outside the university.

E_  Determining award incentives and discretionary rewards for scientific works.

F_  Publishing the research, publications, and scientific theses he deems necessary.

G_ Recommend the issuance of scientific periodicals.

H_ Recommend the establishment of scientific societies and museums and coordinate among them.

I_ Approval of the textbooks and theses that need to be reviewed.

4. Evaluate the scientific certificates presented by the Saudi faculty members.

 5. Consider what is referred to by the University Council