Scientific Council

Scientific Council

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The Scientific Council was established in accordance to Article 28 of the law of Higher Education Council and Universities. The beginning of the Scientific Council at Al-Baha University was in the academic year 1430 - 1431 AH, where the council hold the first meeting of the first session. The Scientific Council supervises the scientific affairs of faculty members and research, academic studies and publishing affairs. The Scientific Council shall meet at the invitation of its President at least once a month. The meetings of the Council shall not be valid unless attended by at least two thirds of its members.

The decisions of the Scientific Council shall be issued by an absolute majority of the votes of those present. If the votes are equally divided, the side in which the President shall prevail. The decisions of the council shall be considered effective unless there is an objection from the Rector within fifteen days from the date that he received them. If he objects, he shall return it to the Scientific Council together with his point of view for further study. If the Council remains on its opinion, the resolutions objected thereto shall be transmitted to the University Council and shall be considered in an ordinary or extraordinary session. The Council of the University may ratify, amend or cancel the decisions and its decision thereon is final.



The Scientific Council shall supervise the scientific affairs of faculty members and research, academic studies and publishing affairs. In particular the council has the following tasks:

1. Recommend the appointment of faculty members at the university.

2. Deciding on the scientific promotions of the university faculty members in accordance with the rules approved by the Higher Education Council.

3. Encouraging scientific research, authoring, translation and publication.

A_  Develop rules to encourage the preparation of scientific research.

B_  Proposing the establishment of scientific research centers.

C_  Coordinate between scientific research centers and develop a general plan for them.

D_  Organizing the link with research centers outside the university.

E_   Determining  award incentives and discretionary rewards for scientific works.

F_  Publishing the researches, publications and scientific theses which he deems necessary.

G_  Recommend the issuance of scientific periodicals.

H_  Recommend the establishment of scientific societies and museums and coordinate among them.

I_  Approval of the textbooks and theses that need to be reviewed.

4. Evaluate the scientific certificates presented by the Saudi faculty members.

 5. Consider what is referred to it by the University Council

Council Members

Council Members

Head of the Scientific Council:

Prof. Ghanem bin Mohammad Alghamdi   



  1. Prof. Ahmed Geshash Alghamdi

  2. Prof. Faris bin Saleh Alghamdi

  3. Prof. Ali bin Othman Alzandi

  4. Prof. Fahad Alqahtani

  5. Dr. Saleh Atiyah Alghamdi

  6. Dr. Rahma mohammad Alghamdi

  7. Dr. Abdulrahman Alzandi

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Contact Us

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Mr. Mohammad Misfer Alghamdi


Secretary of the Scientific Council
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