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Director Message

In light of the decision of the Council of Ministers on implementing the new system of universities, which aims at activating the universities self-resources/internal resources and increasing their revenues, and as part of universities quest to develop self-resources and reduce reliance on government support obtained from the state budget, Al-Baha University is constantly working to invest its material, technical and human assets to improve the level of services and upgrade their performance through the diversification of income sources to reach self-sufficiency and achieve financial sustainability. One of the most important measures undertaken by the University is the establishment of the Investment Department and the development of self-resources in order to contribute to achieving the university's goals in the development of its resources.

The role of Investment Administration/Management and Self-resource Development is to manage and develop investments at the university to increase returns on its assets and resources in accordance with a strategic vision that takes into account the objectives of improving and developing the university resources.

The department's role also includes continuously searching for various sources of funding in cooperation with the private sector and its activities and services as well as taking advantage of all areas and investment opportunities in accordance with the approved regulations. In addition to overcoming obstacles to attract those wishing to invest and implement the university investment plans in all fields.