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Faculty Of Science and Arts in ALMandaq

Faculty of Science and Arts, Al-Mandaq was established according to the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (10/5 / 1429 H) issued in the second session on 29/4/1429 H. to meet the needs of community and provide state apparatuses with qualified scientific competencies, and as a contribution to building various development plans, Allah willing. The College includes both parts for male and female students, eight scientific departments that grant a bachelor’s degree, namely: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Home Economics, including the (Interior Design) and (Fashion Design and Textile Technology) tracks, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, English Language.

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Bachelor of Mathematics


There is a close relation between University vision, College and Math program, whereas the College vision includes distinction in education, scientific research and serving society in math field.


1. To Prepare competences for comprehensive devolvement in Saudi Arabia

2.To encourage research, scientific communication and publication in prestigious scientific journals

3. To encourage attendance, participation, the establishment of scientific conferences and symposiums, training courses and workshops.

4.To encourage access to developments in scientific research and technical means and modern teaching methods


1. Qualified cadres to contribute to comprehensive development in the Kingdom in various fields of life.

2. To fulfill specialised jobs anywhere in the public and private sectors.

3. Keep up with updates in the field of mathematics and statistics.

4. To find suitable solutions to issues related to the field of mathematics in various sciences.

Potential Jobs

1.Working at public and private education

2.Working as teaching assistant in the department or other departments of mathematics at Universities of Kingdom

3.Working at research centers

4.Working at military sectors

5.Working as data analysts at information technology center and contribute to preparing strategic plans

6.working at meteorological centers

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