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Faculty Of Science and Arts in ALMandaq

Faculty of Science and Arts, Al-Mandaq was established according to the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (10/5 / 1429 H) issued in the second session on 29/4/1429 H. to meet the needs of community and provide state apparatuses with qualified scientific competencies, and as a contribution to building various development plans, Allah willing. The College includes both parts for male and female students, eight scientific departments that grant a bachelor’s degree, namely: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Home Economics, including the (Interior Design) and (Fashion Design and Textile Technology) tracks, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, English Language.

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Bachelor of Chemistry

Bachelor of Chemistry


The Department of Chemistry was established in the College of Science and Arts in the year 1431H as one of the main academic departments. Since then, the department has been aiming to rehabilitate students in the field of chemistry. The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program offers career opportunities in both education, industry, environmental studies and medical technology, and prepares graduate students in chemistry and other related fields


  1. Preparation of qualified staff of teachers, laboratory technicians and researchers in the field of chemistry
  2. Fulfill the gap between learning outcomes and labor market requirements
  3. Enable graduates to learn basic concepts in chemistry
  4. Conduct scientific research in all branches of chemistry
  5. Contributing to solving societal problems related to the areas in which chemistry is involved


  1. Knowing the scientific research methods.
  2. Describing the steps of conducting a research project
  3. Writing a research project report
  4. Analyzes the results.
  5. Discuss the results.
  6. Writing a research project.
  7. Taking responsibility for self-learning.
  8. Communicating effectively in educational situations related to the subjects of the course
  9. Performing the required experiments in the project

Potential Jobs

The labor market for those with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is increasing day after day as they open the doors of many fields of work. The program offered by the Faculty of Science at Al Baha University is designed to teach students the technical and professional skills they need to become successful and distinguished in the fields of work.

There are many fields of work for graduates who have a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, including:

    1. Demonstrators, laboratory technician and research assistant at Saudi universities and research centers (Ministry of Education)
    2. School teachers (Ministry of Education)
    3. School technician (Ministry of Education)
    4. Laboratory Technician (Ministry of Defense - Ministry of Interior - Ministry of Agriculture - Standards and Metrology Authority)
    5. Chemical in environmental laboratories for conducting environmental risk assessment

Study Plan