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Faculty Of Science and Arts in ALMandaq

Faculty of Science and Arts, Al-Mandaq was established according to the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (10/5 / 1429 H) issued in the second session on 29/4/1429 H. to meet the needs of community and provide state apparatuses with qualified scientific competencies, and as a contribution to building various development plans, Allah willing. The College includes both parts for male and female students, eight scientific departments that grant a bachelor’s degree, namely: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Home Economics, including the (Interior Design) and (Fashion Design and Textile Technology) tracks, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, English Language.

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Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry


The chemistry department offers Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program. The program provides many opportunities for careers in teaching, industry, environmental organizations and others.  In addition, it prepares students for graduate studies in chemistry and other related fields.

The study plan for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, meets the minimum requirements for professional chemists as defined by the American Chemical Society (ACS).  In tailoring the curriculum, the department was guided by the academic accreditation requirements, the standards of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) and according to the national qualifications framework for higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the possibility of continuous improvement of curricula and study plans so as to respond to the expected changes that may occur in the world.

The study Plan is designed to contain 132 Credit hours, spread over eight semesters (four years of study). Courses include the university requirements, the department general requirements and Department Requirements. The curriculum and the study plan meet the minimum requirements for professionals’ chemists and prepares graduates to become qualified chemistry practitioners specialists and prepares them for success in competitive business environments.  In this program, students gain broad foundational skills in chemistry. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the foundation for postgraduate studies in all branches of chemistry and other related sciences.


The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Arts should be distinguished in the fields of education, scientific research and community service


To prepare distinguished graduates in the field of chemistry and researchers with excellent competence to suit the labor market and community development


  1. Promote the educational process
  2. Professional development of the members of the teaching staff
  3.  Upgrading the scientific research system
  4. Modernization of organizational structure and development of building units
  5. Activate the frameworks of community partnership
  6. Development of the self-resources of the department


The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program at Al Baha University offers career opportunities in education, industry, government agencies, environmental studies, and medical technology, and prepares students for postgraduate studies in chemistry and other areas related to chemistry. The study plan for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program meets the minimum requirements of the chemical professionals as defined by the American Chemical Society. In designing the study plan, the academic accreditation requirements were addressed according to the requirements of the Saudi Academic Accreditation and Accreditation Authority (NCAAA) With future global changes and developments that may emerge.

The study plan is designed to contain 132 credit hours spread over eight semesters (four years). The study plan includes the requirements of the university and the requirements of the General Department and the requirements of specialization.

Academic Consulting

The department appoints an academic advisor for each student once the student join the program. The academic advisor follows the academic state of the student till graduation. The advisor provides the student with academic advises that enable the student to graduate safely and on the required time.

The academic advisor will assist students at all levels of the study by providing advice and guidance to reduce the stumbling. The academic advisor also monitors the student's status until he or she graduates.

Academic Accreditation

The Department seeks to obtain program accreditation for the Chemistry program from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation.

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