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Faculty Of Science and Arts in ALMandaq

Faculty of Science and Arts, Al-Mandaq was established according to the Higher Education Council Resolution No. (10/5 / 1429 H) issued in the second session on 29/4/1429 H. to meet the needs of community and provide state apparatuses with qualified scientific competencies, and as a contribution to building various development plans, Allah willing. The College includes both parts for male and female students, eight scientific departments that grant a bachelor’s degree, namely: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Home Economics, including the (Interior Design) and (Fashion Design and Textile Technology) tracks, Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, English Language.

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Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor of Interior Design


The art of treating space or space in all its dimensions in a way that exploits all elements of the design in aesthetically conducive to the work inside the building


- Prepare specialized cadres in the field of interior design qualified for teaching and equipped with the necessary skills for the field of specialization.

- Providing the appropriate climate for the Saudi girl to work in the field of developmental research and specialized studies in community service in Saudi Arabia in the field of design.

- Develop scientific knowledge and the ability to think critically and analyze attitudes and develop creative taste in the field of design for the students of the department.

- Develop the ability to plan and work in groups and develop the spirit of leadership and responsibility of students.

- Work to develop the outputs of the department to become faculties of expertise capable of serving the community and the development of the environment

- Develop and encourage the spirit of scientific research among students to use it in the service of society.


Bachelor degree in Home Economics, Interior Design

Potential Jobs

- Work in the field of residential or commercial buildings and facilities such as houses, restaurants, commercial markets and offices, and also can work in the field of renovation of buildings, hotels or houses

- Work in the field of designing kitchen decorations and furniture

- Work in the field of education in universities or educational institutes.

- Independent business owner.

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