Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

The Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. It was started in 1427 H to contribute effectively to the expansion of the higher education base in the in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences and to meet the needs of the labor market in the government and private sectors.

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Department of Nutrition

Department of Home Economics


The Department of Home Economics (Nutrition) is one of the important departments in the Faculty of Science and Arts in Al-Makhwah, as research has shown in recent years that good nutrition plays an important role in maintaining health and helping to recover from many chronic diseases. The nutritionists who are graduating from the department are responsible for food care and therefore they should translate nutrition science into skills that help supply as much healthy nutrition as possible.


Preparing qualified national cadres through an educational and research environment with high technology to provide distinctive nutritional services to meet the national need for promoting community health. partnership .


Graduation of a highly qualified nutritionist.

Contribute to filling the labor market needs of nutritionists

Community awareness of healthy nutrition and malnutrition.

To carry out applied research in the field of therapeutic nutrition and to contribute in finding suitable solutions to health problems related to nutrition in the region.

Number of cadres with high qualifications in nutrition.


  • Universities and the ministry of education.

  • Scientific research centers ( nuclear energy- petrol & mining – meteorology-  desert researches - water researches).

  • Military & security institutes ( the military, the Police, insurance & inspection places, security & safety at gates in vital places such as the airports).

  • Electricity and solar energy firms.

  • Check up centers in the ministry of Health.

  • Electronic and electrical  devices factories.

Factories of advanced materials

Academic Consulting

Areas of work

Research centers on food and nutrition.

Universities and medical centers specializing in food science and nutrition.

Nutrition specialists in community-based nutrition and health institutions.

Hospitals and health care centers that provide medical treatment to patients as part of the medical care team.

Nutritionists in university cities for female students.

Nutritionists in the elderly.

Academic Accreditation

Accreditation refers to a method or set of procedures through which a comprehensive assessment of the institution is made, showing the strengths and weaknesses of the institution, which gives a judgment on the eligibility and competence of the institution

Is a process of assessment, recognition and approval by an educational program carried out by a specialized scientific institution or body and acknowledges that the program achieves or meets the minimum standards of efficiency and quality set by the Commission or Organization

The main objective of the accreditation is to reassure the public that educational programs and their outputs are efficient and skilled to achieve their aspirations and aspirations to obtain highly qualified human resources to successfully practice the profession

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Head of Home Economics

Dr.. LubnaSaad Mohamed Abdel Majeed

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