Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

The Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. It was started in 1427 H to contribute effectively to the expansion of the higher education base in the in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences and to meet the needs of the labor market in the government and private sectors.

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Department of English Language

Department of English Language


The Department of English language was established when the Faculty of Science and Arts -Almakhwah was inaugurated in the academic year 1431/1432 H. Since then, the department has been providing services to the students of the College.


Providing quality education and research services in the English ‎language and serving the community to create a continuous ‎learning environment by utilizing the available resources for ‎obtaining best results.


  1. Training students to develop the basic linguistic and communicative skills so as to be capable of using language for various purposes.

  2. Introducing English literature in different eras including literary schools of thought.

  3. Providing students with the basics of the English language and its branches.

  4. Introducing the basics of translation from English to Arabic and vice versa.

Promoting students’ creative and critical thinking along with the basics of research.


English language program is unique in its importance as it links learners to the requirements of the new era. It basically focuses on two major aspects of teaching English language as well as the English literature.

Academic Consulting

1. Supervising the process of academic guidance for students and the proposed courses that the student needs to register according to its level and plan.

2. Contact with the students during the registration period and sorting out any obstacles faced by the student through cooperation with the head of the departments and the Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs and the Deanship of Admission and Registration, when necessary

3. Studying the excuses provided by students to conduct alternativ

tests, and helping the department council in this regard.

4. Follow up the status of students who drop out of college.

5. Address the cases of students who have failed to study and develop suggested plans for improving their academic achievements.

6. Supervising the students' participation in the various activities and competitions.

Academic Accreditation

Academic accreditation is essentially is the process involving the assessment and endorsement and ratification of an educational programme undertaken by a specialized academic institution or Authority  and by which acknowledging that the programme satisfies or meets the minimum academic and quality standards previously established by the Authority or Organization.

The the primary goal of academic accreditation is the actual verification that the academic programme in question along with its outcomes  fulfill the conditions of competence and skills so as to satisfy the aspirations of graduates and equip them with the capacities to navigate the requirements of the marketplace successfully. Hence, The Department of English as persistently striven to gain the accreditation for all programmes offered by The Department.

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Head of English Department

Dr.Ahmed Abdalla Saeed Adam