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Bachelor of Nutrition

Bachelor of Nutrition


The Department of nutrition is important sections in the College of Arts and Sciences in Mekhowa, That is because  the research in recent years found that good nutrition plays an important role in maintaining the health and assistance to recover from many chronic diseases. And nutrition specialists who are graduated from the department are responsible for the care and food so they should translate nutrition science skills to help supply the most of healthy nutrition.


  • Graduation dietitian at a high level of efficiency.
  • Contribute to fill the needs of the labor market specialists nutrition.
  • Community awareness of healthy nutrition and diseases of malnutrition.
  • Do applied research in the field of therapeutic nutrition and contribute to finding appropriate solutions to health problems related to nutrition in the region.
  • The number of cadres of people with high qualifications in nutrition .


Preparation of cadres of national dietary eligible through the learning environment and a high -tech research to provide excellent services to meet the nutritional needs for the betterment of the health of the national community.

Potential Jobs

  • Work in research centers related to food and nutrition.
  • Work in universities and medical centers specialized in the field of food science and nutrition.
  • Work as specialists in nutrition among institutions nutritional and health -oriented community service.
  • Work in hospitals and health care centers that provide medical treatment to patients as part of a team of medical care.
  • Nutrition specialists working in university towns for students.
  • Nutrition specialists work in homes for the elderly.

Study Plan