Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

The Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. It was started in 1427 H to contribute effectively to the expansion of the higher education base in the in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences and to meet the needs of the labor market in the government and private sectors.

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Office of the Dean

Address: Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Al - Makhwah - Sial
Contact Information
Phone: 00966177274111
Fax:     00966177274272

Dean of Faculty of Science and Arts in Al-Makhwah
Prof. Ali Osman Al Zandi
Phone: 009661772774111-15989
Email: aothman@bu.edu.sa


Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr.Saeed Saad Al Omari
Phone: 009661772774111-16306
Email: ssalomari@ bu.edu.sa



Vice Dean for Quality and Development
Dr. Abd Ulaziz Ali Alomari
Phone: 009661772774111-16307
Email: aamalomari@bu.edu.sa


Vice Dean forFemale Student Affairs
Dr. Nourah Al - Zahrani
Phone: 009661772774111-11666
Email: nmazahrani@bu.edu.sa


Head of the Department of computer
Dr. Hany Maher Sayed Lala
Phone: 009661772774111-16315
Email: hmsayed@bu.edu.sa