Department of University Cooperation and Ranking

Department of University Cooperation and Ranking

Based on the Al Baha university's strategy and endeavor to consolidate the principle of cooperation and benefit from the experiences of regional and international universities, the university established the Office of Communication and International Cooperation in the year 1429 AH. Then the name was changed to the Department of International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange in 1439 AH. As a result of the rapid changes in the University Vice Presidency for Development and Quality, the university administration decided to change the department's name to the Department of Cooperation and University Ranking in the year 1442 AH. The administration works to enhance and develop Al Baha University's academic participation with its peer universities in research and the community. As well as supervising and reviewing regional and global partnerships and developing policies to establish best practices for relations to serve Al Baha University. On the other hand, the administration continuously follows up on the approved academic classifications and the periodic updates issued.

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University classification unit

University classification unit


Spreading the culture of university ranking and its importance in improving the institutional reputation

The tasks of the Department

1. Spreading the culture of university ranking and its importance in improving the institutional reputation

2. Preparing an action plan that aligns with the university's strategic plan for access to local, regional, and international rankings.

3. Work to raise the university's local, regional, and international ranking by meeting all the required standards in each ranking classification and following up on this continuously.

4. Coordinating with the various university authorities and external parties to complete all the requirements of the multiple classifications after obtaining the necessary approvals.

5. Opening lines of communication with Saudi universities and benefiting from their experiences.

6. Making appropriate reference comparisons to know the university's position in the various classifications and making plans to improve and develop its ranking.

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