Saudi Scientific Association for Educational Leadership

Saudi Scientific Association for Educational Leadership

The Saudi Scientific Association for Educational Leadership (SSAEL) is a scientific association operating under the supervision of Al-Baha University and its activities are connected by the rector of the university or the authorized person by the rector. Its main building is in the Faculty of Education.

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Benefits Advantages of Joining SSAEL

Benefits / Advantages of Joining SSAEL

SSAEL provides a peerless support for the members, pays high concern to develop the scientific knowledge, and applied practices in the area of educational leadership. We provide a full and continuous support for all members throughout their career. Our goal to empower them and they are our partners in the future. To join SSAEL, it assists you to obtain various resources that guarantee the depth of your professional knowledge, gain the future skills and enhance your leadership practices.

SSAEL contributes also in developing the leadership area in general and the educational leadership in particular through providing various inspiring ways that support the intellectual creativity and enrich the leadership knowledge and its applied practices. The activities of SSAEL will help in revealing the significance of the leadership as a field of knowledge and the leadership as a practice, and the necessity of empowerment towards building a generation of future leaderships.


Joining to SSAEL help you to achieve  many benefits/advantages such as:

Free participation in conferences and seminars, meetings that will be held by SSAEL.

Benefit from SSAEL partnerships locally and globally.

Specialized consultations throughout the different stages of the member's career.

Continuous training on leadership situations through rich electronic platform.  

Information on the up-to-date trends in leadership area.

Facilitate the contact with the experts in the area of the association specialization through interactive electronic platform.

Big discount on the publication fees in SSAEL journals. 

A number of free specialized courses presented yearly by SSAEL. 

Discount on the membership for the coming periods.

Work on more new benefits to achieve a higher benefit from your SSAEL membership.