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Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwah

The Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Qilwah was founded in April 2012, under decree no. A/1196 by the Ministry of Higher Education. When inaugurated, the Faculty comprised of five departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English Language. Apart from these, there were also three branches: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Computers & Information Technology which belong to the Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Almikhwah. The Faculty has been established in order to implement a number of principles in the district. These include providing equal opportunities, achieving justice between cities, providing training and learning opportunities for the people of Albaha region, and meeting the growing needs of graduates of the high school in the region.

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Education is the basis of comprehensive quality renaissance which raises any state to the level of advanced nations. Accordingly, the Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs is concerned with the academic and educational aspects of the learning process. This goes along with the Faculty philosophy, vision, message and strategic objectives which focus on education quality through developing plans and academic as well as training programs in accordance with the comprehensive quality and academic distinction that suit the market needs.   The Faculty has successfully reached a prominent rank among Albaha University's faculties due to the wonderful efforts of its teaching staff as well as the distinguished performance of its students. This has been a direct result of the Faculty’s performance in the teaching processes which highlights the roles of professors as keys of knowledge that pave the way for students towards knowledge and enable them to access and research it fully with motivation and perseverance, helping them to improve their various skills and abilities.


  • Supervising the execution of teaching plans and developing them in the Faculty.
  • Facilitating the existence of an appropriate educational environment.
  • Working out teaching timetables and supervising teaching loads of teaching staff.
  • Deciding the Faculty’s need for teaching staff and working it out with the academic departments.
  • Participating in enhancing the efficiency of the teaching staff in the teaching and learning processes.
  • Providing appropriate learning facilities for the educational environment and ascertaining its application in the learning process.
  • Supervising the process of developing the educational facilities and updating laboratories.
  • Providing knowledge sources and teaching references in all various majors in liaison with all stakeholders in the university.
  • Developing techniques and methods of evaluation in the Faculty.
  • Organizing and documenting exams procedures, evaluating students’ levels, and forming necessary groups for following up.
  • Suggesting forming committees for vice-deanship of academic affairs. Coordinating constantly with other deputies and departments’ heads to achieve Faculty’s objectives.
  • Contacting the counterpart administrative and academic units in the University to achieve the vice-deanship’s objectives in coordination with the Dean of Faculty.
  • Preparing a comprehensive report with regard to the process of Faculty teaching and academic performance and submitting it to the Dean.
  • Executing the tasks assigned by Faculty Council or the Dean.

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