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Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwah

The Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Qilwah was founded in April 2012, under decree no. A/1196 by the Ministry of Higher Education. When inaugurated, the Faculty comprised of five departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English Language. Apart from these, there were also three branches: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Computers & Information Technology which belong to the Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Almikhwah. The Faculty has been established in order to implement a number of principles in the district. These include providing equal opportunities, achieving justice between cities, providing training and learning opportunities for the people of Albaha region, and meeting the growing needs of graduates of the high school in the region.

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Bachelor of Science in Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics


The program consists of 136 credit units divided into eight levels (four years of study). The student enrolled in this program must successfully complete (136) credits according to the study plan.


Offer a distinguished educational program in physics to prepare a generation of qualified scientific with practical skills according to international standards and help students to get better jobs in the labor market by providing them with the necessary expertise to perform research in physics.


The Bachelor of Science in Physics program helps students to work in different fields, qualifies them to develop their scientific and practical skills, and prepares them to pursue their higher studies and research in various fields of physics

Potential Jobs

  • In the academic field and scientific research
  • In the field of teaching
  • Environment and environmental conservation (specialists in environmental measurements to develop tools and devices capable of detecting pollutants)
  • Nuclear power and nuclear reactors and their methods of operation
  • Medical Physics, MRI, X-ray, CT, Gamma rays
  • Technical and desalination plants
  • Electronics, maintenance of electrical appliances and computers
  • Astronomy, meteorology and airports
  • National institutes for measurement and calibration for the development of measuring devices.

Study Plan

Study plan of Physics

Course specification

Level 1                                                           Level 2

Level 3                                                           Level 4

Level 5                                                           Level 6

Level 7                                                           Level 8