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Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwah

The Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Qilwah was founded in April 2012, under decree no. A/1196 by the Ministry of Higher Education. When inaugurated, the Faculty comprised of five departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English Language. Apart from these, there were also three branches: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Computers & Information Technology which belong to the Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Almikhwah. The Faculty has been established in order to implement a number of principles in the district. These include providing equal opportunities, achieving justice between cities, providing training and learning opportunities for the people of Albaha region, and meeting the growing needs of graduates of the high school in the region.

Department of Biology

Department of Biology


The Department of Biology was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwah. The department was opened in the first semester of the academic year 1433/1434 H. The department seeks to provide educational programs that are subject to quality standards and to prepare distinguished cultural, scientific and research cadres in line with the requirements of the labor market in the Kingdom and contribute to the service of the community through excellence in the applications of various environmental fields of biology and the development of the awareness of our students and our children in line with the national vision of 2030. And stimulate creative thinking within the active research laboratories that encourage the development of knowledge and professional members and students section.


Providing distinguished educational and research program in biological sciences to prepare graduates that contribute to community service through motivating academic environment and efficient use of the resources.


1- Provide a high-quality biology program and develop it.

2- Provide graduates with modern theories, skills and techniques in biology that meet the current and the future needs.

3- Providing adequate environment for continuous education and learning in biological sciences.

4- Conduct researches in the field of biology.

5- Enabling graduates to contribute in solving the social biological problems.


  •  Bachelor of Science in Biology

Academic Consulting

  • Supervising the process of academic guidance for students and follow-up with faculty members and academic advisors and the included suggestions of the courses that the student needs to register according to its level and standard.
  • Receive problems and difficulties for students during the registration period of academic guides and remove any obstacles facing the student through communication with the head of the department and the coordinator of the faculty and the Deanship of Admission and Registration if necessary
  • Examining the excuses offered by students to submit alternative tests, presenting recommendations to the department council and following up on the status of students who dropped out of school.
  • To solve the cases of students who have failed to study, and to develop proposals to improve their academic level.

Academic Accreditation

  • Coordinating with the Under-Secretary of the Faculty for Development and Quality regarding the follow-up of the academic accreditation requirements of the study plans offered by the department.
  • Seeking to meet the quality requirements in the department
  • Discuss how to develop courses to meet the requirements of quality and academic accreditation.
  • To promote the spirit of quality and distinction between the members of the department and its students

Contact Us

Head of the Department of Biology

Dr. Hosam Abdel-Tawab Ahmad Eladawy

Network phone: 16218

Phone: 0177301570      Ext. / 184

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