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The Incubator and Entrepreneurship Center was established by the official appointment of the chancellor (rule 38144139) on 09/06/1438H. The university aims to achieve the goals of the 2030 vision through the center and keep up with the Kingdom’s developmental and economic growth. Entrepreneurship, startups, medium and small enterprises are considered some of the most important parts of economic development. These help to create job opportunities, support innovation, and increase exports. They also help small and medium enterprises to contribute to the local market, spread enlightenment about entrepreneurship, and create a supportive environment for the creativity of entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises to turn ideas into products, services, and startups.

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Al-Baha University business incubator


Business incubator services
Al Baha University Business Incubator provides many services and facilities to support emerging projects.
Providing workspaces for incubates
Providing complementary services in the field of specialization necessary to complete the project
Holding training courses and workshops for incubates to develop incubated projects.
Providing guidance and guidance through a network of specialists in the field of business development services and market expertise
Facilitations with government agencies and linking with the private sector by the progress of the project
Work on developing a business plan to present projects to investors
Business incubator conditions
To be of Saudi nationality
Age 18-55 years
The project should be in the following areas: agricultural innovation, education, technology, and tourism innovation.
The project must be in the early stages of business development
The project idea must be innovative and commercially profitable
The project should focus on a new market
The project must have added economic value at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia level.
The project must be compatible with the teachings of the Islamic religion and the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the political, economic, and social levels.
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