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Deanship of Students Affairs

The university's interest is not limited to just the scientific giving to achieve the academic goals, but the interest extends to include the educational aspects of students in terms of behavior and social life so that they become citizens of integrated personality. In order for the university to do this, the Deanship of Student Affairs has been established since the establishment of the university to supervise all student services through planning, implementation, follow-up and evaluation within the framework of the general strategic plan of the university.

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Excellence and leadership in providing students activities and services.



The Deanship of Students Affairs seeks to rehabilitate students psychologically, socially, culturally, and athletically.  In addition, the Deanship of Student Affairs seeks also to develop programs and services for students, establish partnerships with community institutions to exchange experiences and improve the quality of services provided to students. The Deanship is committed to keep national and Islamic culture in achieving its vision.



  • Competition
  • Responsibility towards society
  • Work as a team
  • Cooperation
  • Excellence and Creativity



1) Achieving quality in all the Deanship’s services and activities.

2) Strengthening the responsibility of the students towards their religion and nation, as well as their sense of belonging to their homeland, and strengthening harmony, love and cooperation ties among themselves.

3) Giving students the opportunity to gain scientific, experimental experience and develop their leadership skills before graduation and to keep pace with the needs of the labour market.

4) Investing the students’ free time in meaningful and useful programs to discover their talents, media and abilities, and care for the creators and innovators, and then develop and direct their abilities and direct them to serve the community.

5) Benefiting from the educational, cultural and social programs that are carried out through students activities.

6) Providing financial aid to students through advances, aid and incentives for the distinguished and talented students.

7) Raising the students’ abilities to read and comprehend as well as variating the sources of knowledge for them.

8) Confirming the concepts of student rights and duties.

9) Upgrading counselling activities and services for students with special needs.

10) Organizing various activities and services for scholarship students and strengthening the links between them and the university.

11) Providing excellent nutrition services.

12) Providing a complete accommodation that provides all amenities and services for students, to meet their diverse needs.

13) Diversify the sources of funding for the Deanship programs by creating a partnership with the private sector to sponsor students’ activities.

14) Conducting studies and researches that help develop student services and activities.