Deanship of Innovation and Scientific Research

Deanship of Innovation and Scientific Research

Scientific research is considered a fundamental pillar of university education, as it is concerned with studying topics that contribute to the development of society and solving its problems and contributes to increasing the scientific and financial production of universities. The Deanship of Innovation and Scientific Research at Al Baha University is considered a link between faculty researchers and other entities outside the university The Deanship also provides the necessary logistical and material support within programs to finance directed research proposals in line with the university’s research strategy and national priorities, according to easy procedures and services through which it seeks to overcome obstacles facing those who benefit from the Deanship’s services to ensure continuous improvement of the university’s research outputs, which would contribute to raising the university’s ranking locally. And internationally.

Deanship of Innovation and Scientific Research

Our vision, mission, values ​​and goals

Our vision, mission, values ​​and goals

Our vision

Leadership in scientific research and innovation and its employment in the development and serving of the individual and society

Our message

Providing a study and research environment that stimulates creativity and innovation, making it easier for students and researchers to actively participate in activities to serve the individual and society.

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Our goals

- Increasing the amount and quality of scientific research conducted by teaching staff.

- Achieving scientific research targets at Albaha University.

- Employing scientific research to solve community issues and development, and to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030.

- Motivating distinguished teaching staff at the university and students to participate in scientific research and knowledge seeking.

- Establishing and developing research centres and laboratories, and providing the modern technologies necessary to developing and supporting innovation and creativity in scientific and applied research

- Developing the skills of teaching staff regarding scientific research, publications, and awareness of the ethics of scientific research

- Enhancing scientific and research cooperation between Albaha University and other local and regional universities

- Motivating and involving local private sectors, institutions, and businessmen regarding scientific research


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