Deanship of Graduate Studies

Deanship of Graduate Studies

Since the inception of the Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University of Albaha keen to strive to build the basic rules of work and began to prepare and organize the regulations and laws governing the work, and the development of models necessary to facilitate its work. The Deanship started in partnership with international universities in a number of its programs in the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and College of Business Administration. In collaboration with the various faculties of the university, the Deanship seeks to expand the development of new programs and the development of existing programs to achieve quality, labor market needs and achieve the vision of the Kingdom 2030.

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Vice-Deanship of the graduate studies

Vice Deanship of the graduate studies


The vice deanship comes under the dean of the graduate studies and it is responsible for secretary of the Deanship’s Council, Admission and Registration Unit, Alumni and Certificate Unit, and National and International Scholarships Unit.


  • Secretary of the Deanship’s Council

  • Admission and Registration Unit

  • Alumni and Certificate Unit

  • National and International Scholarships Unit

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