Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The faculty of education at Albaha university has been incorporated to the university since its establishment. It used to be named as teachers’ college of education that were directly administered by the Ministry of Education since 1409. According to the decree number 3514/ MB dated on 3/5/1427 and the agreement of Saudi government number 10/5/1429 in 29/4/1429 the faculty of teachers’ Education directly become administered By Albaha University and named the faculty of education.

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Excellence in the preparation and qualification of professional educational staffs that contribute to the future of education and leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and provide a motivating environment for producing knowledge and investing it in serving the community and achieving  the ambitions of the homeland



The Faculty of Education at Al-Baha University aims at preparing educational staffs capable of creativity and competition in the labor market, preparing qualified researchers to produce, develop, employ and invest in knowledge, and establishing partnerships with the outside community to provide educational services and consultations through distinguished academic programs and qualitative initiatives.



Strategic Objectives of the College.

  • Preparation of qualified academic, educational and cultural teachers in light of local and international standards.

  • Professional development of teachers and educational leaders during service through the provision of distinguished qualitative programs.

  • Applying the overall quality standards and upgrading the efficiency of the institutional performance within an integrated infrastructure and a suit of advanced professional and technical services.

  • Developing the ability and skills of faculty staff and employees, and improving the services provided to them.

  • Developing academic programs that keep pace with the latest developments in the fields of education and qualifying them for academic accreditation.

  • Providing a motivating research environment for increasing the faculty research efficiency in order to achieve innovation in the production and dissemination of knowledge.

  • Building a genuine partnership with the society institutions, extrapolating their needs, and targeting them with effective development services.


College values.

The Faculty of Education at Albaha University is committed to a set of values in all its activities:

  • Representing the Islamic principles and deepen them in students' minds and behavior.

  • Promoting national identity.

  • Responsibility and upgrading efficiency.

  • Achieving quality and continuous improvement of practices.

  • Appreciation of outstanding achievement.

  • Working as a teamwork.

  • Honesty and transparency.

  • Appreciation and mutual respect.


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