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The College of Medicine at Al-Baha University is one of the colleges of Al-Baha University in the university city of Al-Aqiq province in Al-Baha region. The college was established in 1429 AH corresponding to 2008, and teaching medical students started at the beginning of the academic year 1430/1431 AH. in 1436 AH the female student's section was opened. The leadership of Al-Baha University was keen to establish a medical college with excellence not only locally and regionally but also globally, and from this standpoint, the college worked on the applying a modern system, which has not been applied in many medical colleges in the Kingdom, which is the (Integrated system), where the same subject is studied again at a later stage, which provides a great opportunity to fully absorb the subject. The University Hospital is currently under construction.

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Scientific Research

Scientific research Committee

Scientific research in medical colleges is considered a true measure of the progress achieved by the college and its professors in terms of advancement and commitment to conducting specialized scientific research. Since its establishment, the College of Medicine at Al-Baha University has sought to develop and excel in this area by supporting it both financially and morally, and by overcoming the difficulties faced by researchers in their diligent work to produce results that keep pace with advanced research centers. This enhances this important field, raising the academic and student staff of the college to higher levels. To complete this in a systematic manner, the college has established a Scientific Research Committee and a Research Ethics Committee to assist the academic and student staff of the college in publishing their research in prestigious scientific journals.

Tasks of the Scientific Research Committee:

  • Achieving the vision and mission of the college and enhancing research practices and community services by developing a plan for scientific research. The committee encourages scientific research and establishes channels of communication with interested parties to benefit from the research services of faculty members.
  • Developing a mechanism to encourage all faculty members to engage in scientific publication and participate in scientific activities to ensure their connection to developments in their fields and to utilize this in the learning process.
  • Working to provide the necessary infrastructure of laboratories and research equipment and striving to develop them.
  • Encouraging research collaboration with other colleges within the university, as well as with local, regional, and international universities.
  • Organizing training courses on scientific research.
  • Preparing an annual report on the committee's achievements, including the total number of published research papers in high-quality scientific journals, strengths, weaknesses, and improvement suggestions.

Members of the Scientific Research Committee

Dr. Rajab Alzahrani ( Chairman)

        Dr. Turki Alkully ( Vice-Chairman)

Dr. Eman Abdallah (Secretary)

Prof. Essam Mady

Dr. Abdulmajeed Alghamdi

Dr. Abdullah Almilaibary

Dr. Hasan Alfahmi

Dr. Khalid Alzahrani

The Ethics Committee for Scientific Research


The Ethics Committee for Scientific Research was established by the Dean of the College of Medicine on September 28, 2016, with the aim of achieving the vision and mission of the college and the university, and enhancing research practices and community services. Its main focus is on reviewing and auditing research related to living creatures from both scientific and ethical perspectives. The committee's work revolves around studying the proposed methodology by the researcher and the scientific experiments intended to be conducted, ensuring that the submitted research guarantees the rights of living creatures based on the ethical principles of scientific research on living creatures as per Royal Decree No. M/59 dated 14/9/1431 AH, in accordance with Islamic law.

Tasks of the ethics committee for scientific research:

  • Preparation of organized rules for the ethics of scientific research at the college, reviewing and updating them. The committee also raises awareness about the ethics of scientific research and introduces the role of the Ethics Committee for Scientific Research at the college.
  • Enhancing transparency in scientific research and its outcomes among researchers within and outside the college, and monitoring the ethics of scientific research regarding values ​​such as honesty, integrity, justice, equality, and objectivity.
  • Monitoring the implementation of biosafety principles, environmental protection, ensuring the safety of researchers and participants in research, and ensuring the rights of all parties involved in research and experiments conducted on humans and animals.
  • Reviewing proposed research plans by researchers to recommend the acceptance of research and issue approval for conducting research from both scientific and ethical perspectives, or taking various actions before accepting the research, recommending acceptance, or rejecting it.
  • Preparation of an annual report on the achievements of the committee, including the implementation of the committee's tasks, the number of submitted research papers accepted, those accepted after implementing recommendations, and those rejected. It also includes the quality and diversity of research and the most important points that need improvement.

Members  of the ethics committee for scientific research

Dr. Turki Alkully ( Chairman)

   Dr. Hasan Al-Ghamdi ( Vice-Chairman)

Dr. Eman Keshk (Secretary)

Prof. Amr Fouad

Dr. Mohammed Alsubhi

Dr.Mohammed Barnawi

Dr. Ghadeer Fattani

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