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The College of Medicine at Al-Baha University is one of the colleges of Al-Baha University in the university city of Al-Aqiq province in Al-Baha region. The college was established in 1429 AH corresponding to 2008, and teaching medical students started at the beginning of the academic year 1430/1431 AH. in 1436 AH the female student's section was opened. The leadership of Al-Baha University was keen to establish a medical college with excellence not only locally and regionally but also globally, and from this standpoint, the college worked on the applying a modern system, which has not been applied in many medical colleges in the Kingdom, which is the (Integrated system), where the same subject is studied again at a later stage, which provides a great opportunity to fully absorb the subject. The University Hospital is currently under construction.

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Vision, Mission and Goals


A leading innovative medical school


To graduate competent physicians and to contribute to the scientific research and the promotion of healthcare services in the community


  • Create an engaging academic environment for faculty, students, and staff.

  • Make distinctive contributions to scientific researches.

  • Strengthen and promote the healthcare services in the community.

  • Establish comprehensive postgraduate studies and research program.

  • Set up an appropriate foundation for investment in medical knowledge and technology

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