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Faculty of Dentistry - Al Baha University seeks to achieve regional leadership and global excellence in the field of dental research and services and aims to prepare students with professional competencies in dental sciences through a distinguished and comprehensive education with a focus on the needs of the community of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region and provide an environment for lifelong learning. The Faculty aims to graduate dentists:  To graduate professionally qualified dentists who acquire lifelong learn skills  To Obtain national and international accreditation by establishing a quality system to ensure excellence of program outputs  To Support and encourage scientific research in the Faculty of Dentistry  To provide quality dental services to patients and the community  To graduate professionally trained dentists with integrated and balanced personality capable of serving his community and country.

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Office of the Dean

Address: Faculty of Dentistry – AlBaha University (Alaqiq)

Contact Information
Phone: +966-0549999427

Dean of Faculty
Dr. Fahd Ben Naser Alqahtani
Phone: +966-0549999427
Email: falqahtani@bu.edu.sa



Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Mohamad Sarhan Ali Alzahrani
Phone: +966-0543291242
Email: m.sarhan@bu.edu.sa



Vice Dean of Quality
Dr. Ahmad Abdelaziz Issa
Phone: +966-0560285639
Email: a.esa@bu.edu.sa



Head of the Department of Biomedical Dental Sciences
Dr. Ahmad Gaber Hassanein
Phone: +966-0554055181
Email: agaber@bu.edu.sa



Head of the Department of Prosthetic Dental Sciences
Dr. Hasan Mohamad Saker
Phone: +966-0591740638
Email: hsakr@bu.edu.sa



Head of the Department of Preventive Dental Sciences
Dr. Manikandan Ravinanthanan
Phone: +966-0531322103

Email: manikandan@bu.edu.sa


Head of the Department of Preventive Dental Sciences
Dr. Nagesh Bhat
Phone: +966-0551736841
Email: n.bhat@bu.edu.sa



Head of the Department of Dental Education
Dr. Srinivasan Jayaraman
Phone: +966-0562279450
Email: s.rivasan@bu.edu.sa