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Faculty of Dentistry - Al Baha University seeks to achieve regional leadership and global excellence in the field of dental research and services and aims to prepare students with professional competencies in dental sciences through a distinguished and comprehensive education with a focus on the needs of the community of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region and provide an environment for lifelong learning. The Faculty aims to graduate dentists:  To graduate professionally qualified dentists who acquire lifelong learn skills  To Obtain national and international accreditation by establishing a quality system to ensure excellence of program outputs  To Support and encourage scientific research in the Faculty of Dentistry  To provide quality dental services to patients and the community  To graduate professionally trained dentists with integrated and balanced personality capable of serving his community and country.

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Department of Restorative Dental Sciences


The Department of Restorative dental sciences was established with the establishment of the Faculty to provide theoretical and laboratory teaching programs for undergraduate students through three divisions to teach the basic principles of dental reform and the application of dental materials science. The means of visual and auditory communication to explain the methods of dental restorative treatment of fillings and root treatment and keep pace with developments and changes in the world in the field of medical and biomedical sciences.


Different sections of department

Includes the following three divisions:

a. Dental Materials Division:

The student studies in this section the materials used in the backward branches of dentistry and understands its natural and chemical properties and how to refine these properties and take advantage of it in various fields of dentistry.

b. Operative Dentistry Division:

This division focuses on dealing with damaged tooth parts and how to remove and repair them and extends to dealing with different complications of different cases.

c. Endodontics Division:

In this course, the student will learn the theoretical basis for root therapy and learn about root injuries and how to diagnose and treat them.


To enrich the educational, research and technological system in the field of Restorative dental sciences to cope with the challenges of the times and to prepare distinguished graduates of the labor market while contributing to solving the problems of the surrounding society.


Assisting the College in achieving its mission in: -

  • Graduating a dentist with Restorative dental sciences skills and medical work skills to serve the community

  • Keep abreast of recent developments in restorative dental science

  • Organizing training courses in the field of restorative dentistry in line with the needs of students and the community, as well as rehabilitation and advisory courses.

  • Prepare qualified graduates for further teaching and scientific research.

  • Encourage scientific research and make it a priority of the department with the holding of periodic scientific seminars.

Encourage Continuous learning



Academic Consulting

Responsibilities of the Academic Consulting Committee:

  •  Presence during the registration period
  •  Awareness of the goals and responsibilities of academic guidance among faculty and students
  • Supervising the process of implementing and following up the instructions and procedures of academic guidance
  •  Announcing the schedules for the distribution of students to academic advisors and introducing students to academic advisors
  •  Directing students to review and cooperate with the academic advisor
  •  Take actions in some matters of emergency and academic guidance, which needs to take actions in which to manage the college
  •  direct intervention in some cases where the academic advisor needs support, namely: -
  • Sudden decrease in student performance without justification

  • The student should unjustifiably postpone the study or leave the college

  • complaints of faculty members of the negative behavior of the student

  • The inability of the student to express his problems

  • the emergence of manifestations of frustration, apathy and despair on the student

Academic Accreditation


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Head of the Department: Dr. Manikandan Ravinanthanan
Phone: +966-0531322103

Email: manikandan@bu.edu.sa