College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (CBA) aims to provide quality education and rigorous scientific research in business in engaging academic environment and collaborative social partnership. CBA is home to more than 2,121 students across five programs that include: Administration, Accounting, Management information systems, Marketing and Law. Our faculty consists of more than 72 members across different academic ranks and disciplines; and 29 scholars pursuing their graduate studies  overseas. CBA entertains a collegial environment that allow our diverse faculty to work collaboratively in designing and promoting our programs and curricular. CBA is also a house of five consultancy offices that provide its services to public and private institutions. To achieve universal recognition, CBA currently entertains academic partnerships with eminent accreditation bodies such as NCAAA and AACSB. We aspire to assume a leading position among other business schools at the local and regional levels.

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Bachelor of Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Management Information Systems


Bachelor of Management Information Systems provided by the Business School Baha University is a four-year full-time program. This program is designed to offer qualified graduates in management and computer skills, very suitable for the administrative work environment. The MIS Department has created an effective work environment that enables students to access the latest hardware and software technologies. The Department of Management Information Systems (MIS) is responsible for planning and developing the systems structures of the institutions, providing appropriate and appropriate information for different administrative levels, in order to support all administrative functions and functions.


  • Train students to be able to meet the recent challenges in the administrative fields by designing innovative and practical computer programs to resolve these challenges.
  • Recruit, recognize and retain high-caliber faculty who have shown tangible success in their field.
  • Expand into new specialization courses or workshops or seminars that are applied in different sectors based on labour market.
  • Enrich the scientific research in specialization areas, which have positive impact on updating student knowledge.
  • Meet community needs in the area of specialization.

Program Outcomes

  • Recognizing the leadership role of Management Information Systems in achieving business competitive advantage through informed decision-making.
  • Defining the process of information system development life cycle.‎
  • Defining the use of information systems in the organizations to address the required needs and goals.
  • Analyzing the requirements of information systems for business functions.
  • Designing an information system that meets organizational needs.
  • Evaluating how efficiently businesses use information systems.
  • Demonstrating ability to apply the conceptual and practical knowledge.
  • Showing the ability to work individually or in teams.
  • Demonstrating various practical skills in using information technology and applications.
  • Illustrating academic writing skills and oral communication skills in MIS field.

Potential Jobs

  • Business Application Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Business System Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Systems Developer
  • Information Systems Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Information Systems Project Manager
  • Information System Security Analyst or Consultant
  • Director and Developer of E-Business Applications

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