Dean's message

The college of clinical pharmacy at AlBaha university is one of the newly  established colleges with promising clinical based program. The college is proud to recruit highly qualified high school graduates from AlBaha and neighboring regions. Students enroll in well-designed programs that preprare them to compete aggressively in health practice both in the public and private sectors. Such preparations are made possible through qualified and highly committed faculties.The college has invested significant amount of resources in building laboratory facilities to enable students to master the needed skills as well as grab knowledge to successfully meet the practice demands in a rapidly developing world. Further effort was made to enroll student in a comprehensive clinical training program in local and national hospitals. Significant number of teaching assistants were awarded scholarships to further improve their education and experience in internationally recognized programs. This will assure best preparation of junior faculties in the future



Professor Ghanem M. Al-Ghamdi

Dean of the College of Clinical Pharmacy