College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (CBA) aims to provide quality education and rigorous scientific research in business in engaging academic environment and collaborative social partnership. CBA is home to more than 2,121 students across five programs that include: Administration, Accounting, Management information systems, Marketing and Law. Our faculty consists of more than 72 members across different academic ranks and disciplines; and 29 scholars pursuing their graduate studies  overseas. CBA entertains a collegial environment that allow our diverse faculty to work collaboratively in designing and promoting our programs and curricular. CBA is also a house of five consultancy offices that provide its services to public and private institutions. To achieve universal recognition, CBA currently entertains academic partnerships with eminent accreditation bodies such as NCAAA and AACSB. We aspire to assume a leading position among other business schools at the local and regional levels.

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Department of Accounting

Department of Accounting


Due to the economic development that Saudi Arabia has experienced during the last two decades, the number of firms has grown exponentially leading to a need of accountants and auditors to prepare and certify company’s accounts. The accounting department is necessary to fill the gap by educating students in accounting and prepare them for career opportunities that the labor local market needs and offers distinct competency in the field of accounting and auditing to cover the deficit in this specialty.


The mission of the Accounting Department is to prepare qualified accountants, conduct influential scientific research, and establish a fruitful relationship with companies and community in order to achieve the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia.


  • Attract, admit and develop and graduate students by providing them with high quality education.
  • Recruit, recognize and retain high-caliber faculty who have shown tangible success in their field.
  • Support, recognize, and reward high-quality research works.
  • Develop partnership with business community & contribute to economic development locally.


Bachelor of Accounting

Masters of Accounting

Academic Consulting

The academic Consulting in the department provides the students with academic information, familiarize them with the regulations, and help them solve their problems. All faculty members participate in the academic guidance. All students are divided into groups of 20 students and supervised by a member of the teaching staff. 9 hours per week are allocated for this purpose.

Academic Accreditation

The department seeks to contribute in achieving the institutional accreditation of AlBaha University and also aspires to achieve program accreditation at the local and international levels. In light of these aspirations, the Department established the Quality and Accreditation Committee whose role is to:

  • Spread the culture of quality among the faculty members.
  • Fill up all forms of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation, such as Course Specification, Program Description, Self-Study, Course Reports and Program Report.
  • Prepare manuals and performance indicators to work on the evidence-based assessment in accordance with quality standards and requirements of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation.
  • Prepare and distribute all questionnaires to students and collect and analyze statistically the data in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses.

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