The Faculty of Sciences and Arts, Al-Mandaq was established in 1430-1431 as one of a collection of Sciences and Arts Faculties of Albaha University. These faculties have different disciplines where students choose the area of their interest. Importantly, there are twinning faculties in the same discipline for female students which award the same degree.

English department was established in 1430-1431 to provide BA degree in English language.  Students also contribute to distinctive learning services to the community and to provide the local markets with competent graduates in English language who meet the demands of the local market in teaching, translation, etc.

Teaching program should cope up with the modern approaches in English language teaching and using the education technology that makes the educational process goes smoothly and easily. Interdisciplinary education and critical thinking assist in preparing the graduates to offer unique services to their community. Communicative approach is one of the significant methods used in the class room to assist students to interact with their classmates through conversations, debates and to let them feel more confident and more comfortable in communicating with their classmates in the class room or in the medium of the study. Communicative approach lifts the spirit of competition among the students and gives students more time to practice English indoors or outdoors. The English club is established to strengthen the relationship of the teacher with his students and students are exposed to extra curricula activities which enhance the teaching/learning process.

The selection of the teaching staff at English department bases on standard criteria of quality and competence. These criteria comprise long experience and accredited academic qualifications in the area of interest that assist them to provide students with very unique learning. The curricula used in the department and the course descriptions are prepared and supervised with experts in the educational and academic area.







The department of English targets the production of highly skilled (excellence) graduates of English language that meet the academic and scientific standards of the local and international labor market. 



The department of English provides graduates with high research abilities in the field of English language. Graduates contribute to their community through the knowledge they acquired in the department of English; e.g. critical thinking and interdisciplinary education, etc.

Values: the program commits to a wide ground which shelters ethics such as achievement, transparency, truthfulness and the spirits of team works

English Language Program

The academic plan contains 132 credit hours which comprise department, faculty and university perquisites. English department has a four-year-BA discipline following two-semester system. Moreover, a summer-course- system takes place regularly at different faculties through students can join course they need to catch a missing course or finish graduation requirements, etc. Students are required to study 132 credit hours to finish the requirements of graduation. Graduates of English are awarded a bachelor degree in English Language and Literature (BA).   


  • To provide students with distinctive learning in English Language area
  • To develop students communication skills in English language
  • To prepare students and qualify them to serve their community in the area of  interest such translation. literature, teaching English as a second language
  • To help students to recognize different cultures through English language texts
  • To provide highly skilled graduates (major: English) who can compete in the lablor market. 

Work Areas

The graduates can work in different areas such as:

  1. Education:  English teachers and translators
  2. Governmental  institutions such as ministries, foreign embassies , or Saudi Embassies  abroad, diplomatic  area such as Ministry of External Affairs  that require communication with multi-nationalities
  3. Public relations department in business institutions and companies
  4. Tourism and travel Agencies that require a person who deals with multi-nationalities overseas. 
  5. Translation and publishing housings
  6. Public and private sector such as foreign private schools, companies, airports, hotels, hospitals, private English language centers, foreign organizations and oil companies that need to deal with multi nationalities.
  7. Mass Media as correspondents for foreign channels and news anchors,  presenters of English lessons on air
  8. To work as freelancer, field translator, or interpreter
  9. To start his/her own business in translation and interpretation