Deanship of Preparatory Year

Deanship of Preparatory Year

The Deanship of Preparatory Year was established in 1430 H. It starts its work in the academic year 1431/1432H. It is affiliated to the vice-dean for academic affairs. The Deanship of the Preparatory Year is one of the supportive deanships that carry out supporting roles for the university faculties. It provides teachers of English language through contracts with specialized companies. It also cooperates with the colleges and the various departments in the university in a way that serves the objectives of the university.

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Vice-Deanship of Female Affairs

Vice Deanship of Female Affairs


One of the agencies of the Deanship of the preparatory year in charge of teaching and students’ affairs in female sections. It also carries out all the tasks assigned by the Dean.


  • Supervise the implementation of the operational plan of the Deanship with regards to female students.
  • Supervising the provision of all requirements of the Deanship of Female Students.
  • Representing the Deanship inside and outside the university in relation to female students.
  • Implementing and following up the decisions of the Deanship Council.
  • Coordinate and organize the administrative and organizational relationship with the Dean in relation to the female section.
  • Implementation of the duties assigned by the Dean.
  • Preparation of staff evaluation forms to evaluate the performance of the female staff of the Deanship.
  • Approval of all types of leaves (for a period of five days and less) for the staff of the Deanship in the female section..

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