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Deanship of e-learning and Information Technology

The executive decision was issued by His Excellency the President of the University in the month of Dhu al-Qi'dah 1439 AH to amend the name of the Deanship of E-Learning to the Deanship of E-Learning and Information Technology. In the same month, a decision was issued to include the Information Technology Center of the Deanship of E-Learning and Information Technology, which was previously approved by the University Council by Resolution No. 391633990 and the date 7/18/1439 AH, and since this deanship is one of the most important supportive deanships at the university, as it provides services to all administrative and academic sectors of the university. Thus, it became necessary to restructure the deanship and define the tasks for each agency or department in the deanship. During the work on this formation, the current situation and available capabilities were taken into consideration, as well as prior work with the capabilities and experiences of all employees of the Deanship and the future expansion.

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Vice Deanship of IT

Vice Deanship of Information Technology


The Vice Deanship of Information Technology technically supervises the university's academic, administrative and technical systems and applications and develops them in accordance with the requirements of the beneficiaries, in addition to providing technical support to all beneficiary groups within the university, including students, faculty members and employees.

The Vice Deanship of IT is also working on the integration link and services with a number of external bodies including ministries and government agencies to provide any necessary data. The Vice Deanship of IT also oversees the data center and the security operations center (SOC), to provide a supportive and secure technical environment in accordance with the latest standards.

The agency also operates the university's electronic portal and provides technical support to the concerned entities within the university to ensure the existence of updated sites, and integrated and useful information.


  • Automating academic and administrative procedures to save time and accuracy in performance.
  • Providing the latest and best technical solutions that meet the needs of the university now and in the future
  • Implementing and following-up of technical projects to reach the desired goal and achieve beneficiary satisfaction
  • Acquisition of high-quality and high-performance devices to ensure a useful and safe service
  • Maintaining the integrity of systems from breaches and increasing security awareness for university employees
  • Providing communication channels with users of university systems and providing the necessary technical support professionally and as soon as possible.
  • Providing services and technical advice to university employees, including students, faculty members and employees.

Department of Application and e-Transactions

Department of Application and e-Transactions


The Department of Applications and e-Transactions is responsible for providing and developing the academic, administrative systems and also electronic services at Al-Baha University. It strives to harness the technology in improving the educational and administrative outputs of Al-Baha University by collecting and analyzing the requirements and designing and implementing the ideal systems with IT best practice.


  • Collect and apply change requests from all users

  • Cooperation with department of infrastructure and operation to upgrade systems and move some services from test to production

  • Participate in project implementation that related to SIS, ERP and other eTransaction projects.

  • Study change requests with cooperation with functional engineers in department of customer care.

  • Develop integration with all BU systems to perform business process automation

  • Build business process automation to help users to be more productive

  • Work toward paperless university with cooperation with all DeIT department.

  • Develop applications based on user’s requirements.

  • Integrate BU system with external entities using to Yessar platform.

Department of Infrastructure and Operation

Department of Infrastructure and Operation


Maintain The university technology Infrastructure , Applications and Information security. The main task of this department is to maintain BU infrastructure to keep it up and running with high availability and maximum information security. All units of this department are specialized and all engineers are experts in there filed of specialty and they will be the second line of support with cooperation with customer care department.


Tasks can be summarized as follow:

  • Operate BU LANs/WAN to interconnect all BU campuses.

  • Operate BU On-Premise cloud

  • Tune all system to get highest performance

  • Maintain data backup and DR

  • Manage BU computer networks (LAN/WAN/WiFi)

  • Build technical requirements for all system to fulfill DeIT road map

  • Follow best practices in information security

  • Monitor DC/DC facility systems to guarantees DC operation even during power outage

  • Operate DR

  • Cooperate with vice deanship of development and quality to plan for DeIT project according to roadmap that meet BU business requirements.

Department of Customer Care

Department of Customer Care


This department works as the first line of support for all BU users using Tasaheel application.


  • Perform maintenance for users PCs

  • Perform maintenance for computer labs and eClasses systems

  • Update all systems to fulfill security policies

  • Support e-Services users such as A’LEM system

  • Functional engineers cooperate with vice deanship of development and e-Transactions to apply change requests for SIS, ERP and all other applications

  • Apply for improvement projects to PM office in DeIT according to users needs

  • Train users to use BU systems such as SIS, ERP

  • Full support for deanship of admission and registration

  • List all expansion and upgrade requirements in all campuses computer networks (LAN/WAN).

  • Manage users accounts and basic services such as emails.