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Publishing Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Rules of Publication
-    The submitted manuscript should not be contradicted with the Islamic Faith.
-    The researcher requires to present a written acknowledgement implied that his manuscript is original. It has not been published previously and is not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. 
-     The journal publishes the original manuscripts that discuss the issues and topics involved with arts and social, psychological, educational sciences. It also publishes the manuscripts connected with the area of Shari'a.  
-    The manuscript is based on scientific fundamentals and rules in preparing the research and in writing.
-    After the preliminary review of the manuscript and the reviewers reports are received, the editorial board sends accepting or rejecting notification. 
-    In case of the manuscript requires major or minor corrections, the editorial board sends back the manuscript to the author with the reviewers' reports and comments to be considered.
-    In case of rejecting the manuscript from the reviewers, the editorial board sends a apology letter for non- publication, considering the manuscripts which are received by the journal will not return back to the authors whether they are published or not. 
-    All reviewed manuscripts are treated confidentially and to guarantee the confidentiality, the name of the author will not be mentioned in any page of the research or any mark that disclose the identity of the author either, due to the article "44" of unified rules of the scientific research in the universities which states that " manuscripts and articles will be published in the journals of the university only after they are reviewed by two specialists in the area of interest and they require to recommend the manuscript publication and one of them requires to be external. 
-    In a separate sheet, the author requires to write in Arabic and English: the title of the research, the name of the author, the academic title, the work affiliation, the address, the fax no., and the email. 
-    The researches with recommended modifications and corrections will be returned back to the author to carry out the required corrections or additions before publication. The author requires to be obliged to the required recommendations in the reviewers reports and he needs to justify what is not corrected. 
-    The researches which do not meet the journal rules and requirements, they will not be considered and will not returned back to the authors either.
-    The journal will inform the author about receiving his manuscript and it is given a number (id. number). Then the journal sends accepting or rejecting notification within six months at maximum.
-    The published researches/articles are not allowed to be republished elsewhere without a written permission from the editor-in-chief. 
-    The views of the published articles/researches express only the ideas of the author.


The first method: the reference is mentioned inside the research in short, followed by the part, the page, the number of Hadith, the paragraph if the example is provided. It is verified by Al Bukhari in his correct books (1/88 p. 166) or Al Nawawi said in his collection 8/29.

The second method: the references is mentioned in the footnote, the author places a number of the footnote in the appropriate place and then he places the footnote at the end of the page, e.g. Ibn Alqayem said "……"(1)


It is mentioned in the footnote by writing the manuscript's title and then the title of the periodical included in. e.g. the doctor mentioned in his research that no one agrees on such things. "…." (1)

The footnotes of every page are placed at the end of the page.

In the list of references, it begins with the full title of the book, then its author, the death year, the title of the journal and its number.

 In case of mentioning well known Muslims and Arab pioneers inside the research, the death year is mentioned in Hajri date if well-known figure is dead. However, the foreign important figures are written in Arabic letter and between two brackets in Latin letters. The full name will be mentioned in the first time.

Citation Style

In scientific research using the American Psychological Association (APA) system, documentation and research should be written accordingly.