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Manuscript Perpetration

Research Components

The research should be complete in accordance with the discreet research scientific methodology.


The title is closely related to the research topic and briefly explaining the research topic.


Short and complete and in a clear logical sequence that clarifies the results of the research, translated correctly and completely linked to the Arabic summary in the event that the research is written in the Arabic language, and is completely linked to the English summary in the event that the research is written in English in terms of meaning and clarity of the idea.

Key Words

Sufficient, accurate, and semicolon sufficient to index the research and describe the research field.


Sufficient and related to the subject of the research and its variables, the research problem was presented clearly and precisely defined and questions or hypotheses were written accurately related to the subject of the problem and the way to address it.

Manuscript (Results and Discussion)

Theoretical literature adequately clarifies all the concepts, variables and dimensions of the research topic, and is rooted in the research problem, and there is no literal transfer from other references in a way that is not scientifically valid, and is completely related to the research problem, sufficient, modern, and written in a clear scientific way, and the method was used. Scientific is appropriate for the nature of the study, and in the event that the research is applied, scientific procedures appropriate to the nature of the research must be followed, in terms of the use of research tools that are appropriate for the research questions, and the application of appropriate scientific procedures to ensure their sincerity and consistency and other necessary procedures for that, and the use of Statistical Salib that suit the nature of the research, and the use of technical language and the correct symbols to express them, analyze and discuss the results in depth, clear and accurate and completely linked to the subject of research, and presented arguments and strong evidence, has been linked to research the results of previous studies related to the results of the search topic.

The research has recommendations that are completely related to the results of the research and are formulated in depth and clear.


Thanks in the event that the research is funded, mention is made that the appropriate form is written according to the instructions of the funded entity.


The research references are arranged alphabetically according to the type of journal, and there are no references in excess of what is in the body of the research, and references mentioned in the body of the research were not mentioned in the list of references, and the references are written in the scientific method followed in the field of specialization.


The structure must have the proper properties in terms of its number in the arrangement of the tables in the body, the link of its title to its content, the clarity of the sub-headings within the table, and its link to the data contained therein, where the table writes its title as an example:

Table (2) arithmetic averages and standard deviations of the responses of the respondents about ...


It should be clear and related to the subject listed below, and be colored whenever possible, with data and information on the components of the shape or image written, and the title of the shape or image should be written under it, for example:

Figure (1) shows leadership patterns according to the theory of the administrative network

With the importance of writing its source and clarifying whether it was transferred or modified (by disposition)

Abbreviations and Notations

The abbreviations are written according to the appropriate methodology for that, with the importance of clarifying the meaning of this abbreviation at the beginning of the research.


It should be written under the content and numbered according to the numbering in the Text.