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Department of Administrative Sciences

About: Introduction

The Department of Administrative Sciences develops and provides accredited academic programmes that meet the needs of the community by contributing to the preparation and certification of individuals who specialise in the administrative sciences and providing them with the knowledge and necessary skills to effectively compete in the labour market.

About: Message

To provide high quality accredited and specialised academic programmes that contribute to the preparation of graduates who are well qualified in the administrative sciences to meet the demands of the labour market and serve the wider community.

About: Objectives

  • To prepare and certify distinguished graduates in the field of administrative sciences who are able to meet the needs of the domestic labour market in a highly efficient fashion.
  • To develop high-quality accredited academic programmes that are in line with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 and that help to both meet the demands of the labour market and serve the wider community.
  • To attract and retain distinguished academics according to the aspirations and needs of the department.
  • To foster an attractive and encouraging learning environment for all students.

To apply highly efficient technical methods to the teaching and learning process.

About: Programs

The Department of Administrative Sciences offers a Diploma Program in Financial Accounting

Academic Consulting

  • To prepare students to adapt and thrive in relation to the university environment.
  • To provide new students with information about the College, its education policies, and the available subjects and study programmes.
  • To enhance the academic achievements of students and to help them overcome any obstacles they may face during their studies.
  • To provide advice and assistance to those students who are experiencing academic problems.

To identify outstanding and talented students and provide them with the means to enhance their abilities and extend their creativity.

Academic Accreditation

To put in place the plans necessary to obtain appropriate academic accreditation and to follow up on the implementation of those plans so as to efficiently accomplish all tasks related to securing academic accreditation.

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