Al-Baha University was founded abiding by the royal decree No. 9682/mb  dated           5 / 8 / 1426H. 


     The University  comprises twelve faculties, more than 30 bachelor degree programs, 4 postgraduate programs and three graduate diploma programs.

     The University in its strategic plan looks forward to taking  a pioneering position in higher education.  It endeavors to reach international recognition for its departments and academic programs. This can be achieved through academic collaboration with outstanding international institutions, exchanging scientific and academic experiences and preparing high quality academic  programs for all colleges. These programs will meet community needs, the development plans requirements and the educational job market. It will also concentrate on study programs diversity that gives students  opportunities to balance their academic experiences and their life and career goals.

     The university faculties undertake the development of students' skills and training them on different practical applications. In addition, they help students polish their talents, instill in them the spirit of creativity, and provide the society with qualified individuals.

     The university now  offers more academic programs that serve the community and whereby  more chances are given to the Saudi individuals who seek to qualify themselves and pursue their university studies. This can be brought into actuality through launching many study and qualifying programs, such as:   regular, developed external, complementary (bridging), graduate diploma, and Master degree programs.