Address by the supervisor of the University Health Centre:




In the name of God the Graceful and the Merciful and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, after that;


I thank those responsible for the University's website for their determination and hard work to allow for the communication andpublication of the available medical services provided by the University Health Center, and its various activities and to highlight the ambitious plans for the betterment of medical services and care. I also must acknowledge the excellent help and support we at the Heath Centre received from His Excellency the Rector and his Vice President, the general supervisor of the Health Center.


The University Health Centre provides health care to all employees of the university, students, faculty, staff and their families.


It is worth mentioning that the units and department of the Health Center includes the following:


1.   Two General Medical Clinics (one for women and the other for men)

2.    Chronic Diseases Clinic.

3.   Two Dental Clinics (one for women and the other for men)

4.   Pediatric Clinic.

5.   The Pharmacy: contains all the necessary medications for diseases covered by the specialties available within the Centre.

6.   The Medical Laboratory: provides a unique service and numerous testsusing the most advance systems.

7.   Department of Radiology.

8.   Medical Records Department: Responsible for maintaining and providing medical records for all the Centre'spatients.



In addition to the above clinics, and according to a well-studiedplan for expansion, we are working to establish more specialized clinics after hiring specialist and consultants in the following areas:

1.   Dermatology clinic

2.   Optometry and ophthalmology clinic.

3.   Ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinic.

4.   Internal Medicine clinic.

5.   Gynecology and Obstetrics clinic.


The Health Centre works in coordination with the Ministry of Health (represented by the King Fahd Hospital in Albaha) for diseases that require specialized care not available in the within the Centre.


We have recently created a Preventive Dental Diseases Clinic under the approval of His Excellency the Rector and his Vice President. This Preventive Dental Diseases Clinic will not only provide its services to the employees of the university but also offer preventive service for the people of albaha region as a whole.


We ask Allah to help and guide us and thanks everyone who worked hard to develop our mission and achieve our goals.

The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences for Boys

Supervisor of the University Health Center

Dr.  Khalid bin Ahmed Omar Arafa